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Friday, April 18, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #15 Jane Hairston married Thomas W. Cook in Tallapoosa, Alabama

According to Volume II The WHITAKER and Related Families by Mary Lee Anderson, Hugh Brown Hairston and Sarah McElhaney had a daughter, Jane. I have currently found only two references to a Jane that possibly tie into this Hairston family. 

No Story Too Small
The first, a marriage record, indicates that a Jane Hairston married Thomas W. Cook on December 24, 1846 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.  The certificate above is one of seven photocopied records documenting this marriage found at Family

The second, was Jane Cook on the 1880 census of Tallapoosa County. Fifty year old Jane Cook, a widow, was living with Henry Stalins, Vincent  Hurston, and a Roberts family (Tim, Amy, and Amanda). I don't know the relationship of this Roberts family. H.C. Stalins might be Henry Stallings, son of Jane's sister Mary, and Vincent is probably Jane's brother.  

Exhaustive on-line searches for Thomas W. Cook and Jane Hairston revealed no additional records. Thanks to this search and my search for #14, Mary Hairston, my Hairston files are in perfect order, but give no additional clues for Jane and her family. 

Additional strategies are needed to find so many of these Alabama Hairstons. A trip to Alabama would be ideal, but until then, more library research is needed. Other considerations might be to borrow Alabama newspaper microfilm through interlibrary loan and join the Genealogical Society of East Alabama. 


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday's Photo: National Siblings Day

Yesterday was National Siblings Day so it is appropriate that I post this picture of me with my brother at Jones Beach in New York in 1963.  I love the hats! Note that my brother is wearing a USS Ashland shirt. Our Dad was stationed on that ship in the 1960s. 


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #14 Mary Hairston who was last found in Macon County, Alabama.

Mary Hairston, possible daughter of Hugh B. Hairston and Sarah McElhaney, was born in South Carolina in about 1831.

A Mary Herston married Alvis Stallings in Troup County, GA in 1848. A Mary A. Stallings is also found in 1850 on the Macon County, Alabama census record just below Sarah Hurston, who is thought to be her mother, and Robert and Vincent Hurston, her probable brothers. On this 1850 census, nineteen year old Mary A. Stallings is living with her twenty two year old husband, "Elias" Stallings, and their baby, Hughey B. Stallings.  Is there any doubt that Hughey B. is the grandson of Hugh Brown Hairston?

No other record can be found of this Alvis/Elias and Mary Stallings household. Where were they in 1860? Sarah Hairston is also missing from that census.

An Alvis Stallings married a Martha Cogan in nearby Tallapoosa County in 1860 and have no children in their household on the census record for that same year. If this Alvis is the same Alvis/Elias married to Mary, there is definitely a problem with the reported ages as in 1850 he was 22 years old and 25 years old in 1860.

Hughey B. Stallings and Sarah Hairston reappear in 1870 on the Lee County census. Twenty year old H.B. Stalling was living with V. Hairston, 80 year old Sarah Hairston, and two more Stalling children; H.C. and S. F. Stalling born about 1855. Were these last two children twins? H. C. was a male and S. F. was female.

In 1880, Henry Stalins, age 24, was living with a Jane Cook, Vincent  Hurston, and a Roberts family (Tim, Amy, and Amanda) in Tallapoosa.  Could Henry be H. C.? If so, Jane is probably an aunt (more on that later) and Vincent is his uncle. Who is this Roberts family? I assume that Sarah passed away prior to 1880. What happened to Hughey and S.F.? 

There are so many questions in this post. I hope that my year of posting 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, will help me find some of these answers and many more!


© 2014


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Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday's Photo: Rattlesnake RoundUp!

My second cousin, Jane, has been sending me some awesome photos and I am learning more about a part of my Bryan family that I knew little about. Jane's grandmother, Dollie Bryan Wylie, was the sister of my grandfather, Redic Bryan. Jane's father, McNeil Wylie, is in both of these photos. He is the man holding the snake in the picture below.

Bounty on Rattlesnakes 1928
Jane wrote that she always thought that these photos were taken near the Wylie family home in Bronte, Coke County, Texas.

However,  this week, she noticed that the pictures were finished by The Wiseman Studio in Hico, Texas. Were they taken in Hico or just developed in Hico? Did photographers from The Wiseman Studio travel to other areas?

The photos were thought to have been taken in the 1920s. In 1928, Nolan County, Texas was offering a bounty of $3 per dozen rattlesnakes killed. Nolan County was adjacent to Coke County and is known for their Rattlesnake Roundups. 

So, when and where were these photos taken? And, who is the tall man with the dark hat?


© 2014


"Nolan County Offers Bounty on Rattlesnakes." Abilene Reporter-News [Abilene] 19 February 1928. Web. Accessed 2 April 2014.

Photographs used with permission. From the collection of Jane F. Aebersold.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #13 James Hairston Who Died in Falls County, Texas on March 25, 1905

No Story Too Small
James Hairston isn't of any particular interest to me as I really don't believe that he was part of my direct family line. However, because he died in Falls County, Texas, where my Hairston family once lived, he shows up in Public Member Trees at (and other sites on the web) as a son of my great-great-grandfather, John L. Hairston. I feel a need to prove or disprove this theory. 

The Report of Death states that James Hairston died near Durango in Falls County, Texas on March 25, 1905. His age was recorded as 36 giving him a birth year of 1868 or 1869. 

In 1900, a James W. Hairston, age 31, is living in Falls County with his wife, Laura, and several children. James was born in Alabama in October 1868. His parents were both born in Georgia. J. W. Hairston married Laura Lemly on June 19, 1890 in Bell County, Texas. This appears to be the same family as by 1910, Laura Hairston, a widow, and these same children were living in Bell County very near James T. Lemly, her brother. 

I do find the assumption that James Hairston was the son of John L. Hairston very unlikely. Most records point to John L. Hairston as being born in South Carolina, not Georgia. And, by 1868, John L. Hairston was paying taxes in Falls County, Texas. 

A few people have pointed to the questionable James in the 1880 census record of John L. Hairston's family in Falls County. I believe that the entry that looks like James is actually Jane. Even if it is a James, it cannot be the James who died in Falls County in 1905. This James/Jane was 34 years old and the James who died in Falls County would have been only 12 years old in 1880. 

John L. Hairston had a son, William, born in 1846. Some trees indicate that William and this James could be one in the same. Again, the ages don't match.

In 1883 it is assumed* that John L. Hairston died. His son, Phillip Hairston, his two daughters, and their families sold land and moved from Falls County to Erath County, Texas. Around that same time, Hairstons from Alabama moved to Falls County, Texas. 

Edd and Jesse Hairston, sons of Samuel B. Hairston of Alabama were counted in the 1900 census of Falls County. Samuel's daughter, Ella Simonton, lived in nearby Bell County and his youngest son, Peter, lived in Fort Worth. 

Samuel B. Hairston also had a son, James "Jim" Hairston, born about 1868 or 1869. Jim is found, with this family, on the Chambers County, Alabama census records at age 2 in 1870 and age 12 in 1880.  This James W. Hairston in the 1900 census matches young Jim in age as well as his birthplace.

I believe that James Hairston, who died in Falls County, Texas on March 25, 1905, is the son of Samuel B. Hairston, not the son of John L. Hairston, my great-great-grandfather. John L. and Samuel B. Hairston are both said to be the sons of Hugh Brown Hairston. So, if this is true and James is the son of Samuel, then James W. Hairston would be John L. Hairston's nephew. 

I cannot definitively prove this with the information that I have; however, I do feel that I have enough persuasive evidence that points in this direction. Further research, both in Alabama and Texas, might need to be focused on land and probate records. 


© 2014  

 * No one really knows when or where John Hairston died and is buried. 1883 was the year that Phillip and the rest of the family moved to Erath county, but it's also the year that Phillip's mother-in-law died leaving her daughter land and possibly money. John might have died, but he might also have moved to Erath County with the family and might even be in an unmarked grave in the Bethel Cemetery. Just another theory . . . 


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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's Photo: William Joseph Quinn III

William Joseph Quinn
April 2, 1930 - December 8, 2005

This is an undated school photo of my father-in-law, William Joseph Quinn. It's one of only a few photographs of him as a young boy. It was probably taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s as he is wearing the uniform from St. Catherine's Academy in New York City. He graduated from St. Catherine's in 1944. 


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