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Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday's Photo: Kathleen Purcell

A few weeks ago, I posted photos of Julia Murray Moylan and her store in New Quay, County Clare, Ireland. One photo, Julia in her home, was sent to me by Julia's great-granddaughter. Along with that photo was the one above. Julia's great-granddaughter sent it to me in hopes I could identify it. I could not; however, Joyce Shee of County Clare identified the woman as Kathleen Purcell. 

Kathleen was the daughter of James P. Purcell and Kathleen Neylan. She lived with her family in a home her parents named Rhodesia House (also known as the New Quay House). Kathleen had one brother, James Andrew Purcell, who died in 1985. Kathleen married Patrick McNamara. Patrick died in 1980 and Kathleen died in 1996. 

Kathleen is not family, but I loved the room in her picture. Was this inside Rhodesia House? 

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Photos from Ireland came from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn.

Photograph of Kathleen Purcell from the collection of Jade Smithson. Used with permission. 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Julia Moylan's Store on the Flaggy Shore

Painting by Joyce Shee

Julia's mother, Cecilia Linane
I wonder if Cecilia Linane (could be Linnane) is
connected to the Linnane's who own the lobster
bar? The food at Linnane's was good, it was
the only restaurant nearby, AND they had wifi.
 We visited Ireland in 2016. Our trip was about family history. Not so much for research, but to spend time learning about where my husband's family lived. I loved the experience. We spent several nights in a small building on the grounds of the Rhodesia House (also known as the New Quay House) in New Quay, County Clare. We were just down the road from the land owned by my husband's great-grandparents. We ate at Linnane's Lobster Bar three or four times and we visited the beautiful Flaggy Shore. 

The first day we visited the Flaggy Shore, I took in the beautiful views and never noticed the dilapidated, abandoned building on the left as we turned onto the road. Later, while telling our Airbnb host about our family, she brought up the building and told us it was Julia Moylan's store. Julia Murray Moylan was the sister of Susan Murray Quinn, my husband's grandmother. Their parents were Cecilia Linane and James Murray who lived in the vicinity of New Quay. Julia grew up in the area and remained there until her death.

Julia Moylan's home and store - 2016

Julia Murray Moylan

I was fascinated by the area and, of course, wanted to know more. Once at home, my usual searches did not tell me much about New Quay and the surrounding area until I checked Facebook. The Flaggy Shore and Blow it Open. A Flaggy Shore Miscellany Facebook pages gave me so much more than expected. I loved the photos and the history. Julia's photo had been posted on the Blow it Open. A Flaggy Shore Miscellany page. And, group members commented about Julia and her store.  

I learned that Julia sold ice cream, candy, cigarettes, and more in her store. This was her home as well. Some called it the local youth club where young peopled played cards and one wrote, What happened in Julia's should stay in Julia's. Julia was described as a nice lady with a good heart. Others remember dropping money in a plastic container for self-serve and Julia's old bicycle parked in front of her home. 

In addition to the comments, paintings of Julia's store were posted.  Artist, Joyce Shee has painted Julia's home many times. I purchased the painting at the top of this post and Joyce shared paintings of the inside of Julia's home as well. You can see beautiful paintings by Joyce Shee at her artist page on Facebook by clicking here. 

Paintings by Joyce Shee

Joyce Shee and my husband's distant cousins shared the following photos with me. 

Julia with Sandra Nicholas standing in front of Julia's thatched-roof home in 1968. 
Sandra Nicolas Murray was the wife of Patrick J. Murray, son of Julia's brother, also Patrick.

Julia Murray Moylan (center) with two American cousins standing by her store - 1983.
Note that by 1983, the roof was no longer thatched.

Julia on the left with her grandson Michael inside her home. Granddaughter, Julie, is seated
next to an unknown man. 

Joyce Shee shared these photos of the inside of the store. The windows and doors are now closed off with cement blocks. 

Julia died on November 30, 1988, and is buried in Cillin Graveyard along with her husband and son, James. For more about the Murray family, visit these posts: 


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Facebook page. The Flaggy Shore.

Family photographs from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn.

Family photograph from the collection of Jade Smithson. Used with permission. 

Family photograph from the collection of Mary Fahey. Used with permission. 

Family photograph from the collection of Bridget Murray Kennedy. Used with permission. 

Photographs and paintings by Joyce Shee. Used with permission.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday's Photo: Lillian Hawkins Ramaley, Grandma's Friend

Lillian Hawkins Ramaley and Grace Mabel Berkly Hawkins
On the back - "Lillian and her mother."

My grandmother, Edith Giddens Davis, had several photos of Lillian Hawkins Ramaley and her family. It was obvious they kept in touch for many years as there was a wide variety of photos - Lillian and her mother, children as babies, and later grandchildren. I did not know where my grandmother was living when she met Lillian so I did a little research. 

Edith Giddens Davis
Lillian was born in England on April 30, 1899. She was the daughter of James Herbert Hawkins, a native of Essex, England, and Grace Mabel Berkly who was born in Kentucky. Lillian and her family immigrated to New York City, arriving on April 4, 1913. She and her family can be found living in Minnesota by 1918. Between 1913 and 1918, my grandmother was living with her family in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. However, there are very few resources available to look for the Hawkins family during that time. So, I did what I should have done before researching - I called my mother. 

Mom said that Lillian and my grandmother went to school together. It might have been Easton Academy or Churchman's Business College. Grandma attended both. I know she walked to school each day by taking the bridge over the Delaware River from Phillipsburg to Easton, Pennsylvania. 

Mom stayed in touch with Lillian after my grandmother died in 1975. Lillian told Mom that she and Grandma walked to school together. Lillian walked my grandmother to her home and then, Grandma would walk Lillian to her home. This would continue until they ended their conversation. 

Children Grace, John, Gene, and Harry

Lillian and her husband, Edward Dow Ramaley had four children. Lillian remained in Minnesota until her death in 1983. She and her husband are buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis. 

Lillian Hawkins Ramaley
This is not the clearest photo but one of the oldest. It was taken about the time she was married - 1920.
On the back - "With love Lil"
Note that in British records, her name was spelled Lilian.

Edward and Lillian Ramaley with sons Gene (age 14) and Harry (age 16)

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