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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday's Photo: My Glynn Family in Maple Grove, A Cemetery in Putney, Vermont

Glynn ancestors - Joseph Albert Glynn, Delancy Glynn, Caroline Almira Glynn, and Nancy Reed Glynn

My mother took these photos in 1979 and surprised me with them a few days ago. I had been lamenting about a misidentified family grave in Maple Grove Cemetery and, unbeknownst to me, Mom had the photos to answer my questions. 

The first grave in this row of Glynn family ancestors is Joseph Albert Glynn, my great-great-grandfather. I liked seeing the photo with the other graves as I now know he is buried with family.

Albert was born in Putney, Vermont and was the son of Joseph Glynn and Nancy Reed. To read more about him click here

These next two graves are that of Delancy Glynn and Caroline A. Glynn.  Delancy might be the brother (or maybe a sister) of Joseph T. Glynn, Albert's father. Delancy was in his 40s when he died. 

Caroline Almira was Albert's sister, the only daughter of Nancy Reed and Joseph T. Glynn. She died young. Go to this pin at my Pinterest site to see a brief obituary. 

The last in this line of four family graves is Nancy Reed Glynn, the wife of Joseph T. Glynn. She is Albert Glynn's mother and my 3rd great-grandmother. Her parents were Benjamin Reed and Huldah Pratt of Putney, Windham County, Vermont. I am currently trying to document Benjamin as the son of Peter Reed and a Mayflower Descendant. Nancy Reed Glynn died on April 2, 1854, in Putney.  

Thank you, Mom, for the photos. I will add them to Find A Grave tomorrow.

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Family photographs and documents from the collection Elizabeth M. Bryan.  

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