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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - Dad was stationed at the Mobile Naval Hospital #2 in Aiea Heights, Territory of Hawaii

Dad and his friend, John Dale Dickerson, at Pearl Harbor. They look so young!
Dad was 20 years old when he saw the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

Current Google Map of Pearl Harbor showing Aiea Heights. 

Dad was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. He was stationed at the Mobile Naval Hospital #2. I find bits and pieces about the hospital in oral histories, newspaper clippings, and on the web, but never thought to find the exact location until today. 

In an interview with John Lorange found in a long-lost NC newspaper clipping, Mr. Lorange described the location of the hospital as Aiea Heights. 

View from the Aiea Naval Hospital {Mobile Naval Hospital #2} of anti-aircraft bursts nearly forming an umbrella over Pearl Harbor, Hawaii during the Japanese air attack, 7 Dec 1941. The thick smoke, center, is from the USS Arizona.

These past posts tell much more about Dad's time in Hawaii.
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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn. 

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  1. Hi, Diana. Thanks so much for this post yesterday on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, 2018, in honor of our fathers, yours, mine, and Shelia Tippin Britt's, as well as the fathers of others who you may have connected with, who served there in Mobile Naval Hospital No. 2. My dad, Philo Nelson Kelley ("Pinky") Englesby also talked sometimes about Aiea Heights, but I'd never seen it located precisely as you have shown above. I've looked at all of your posts now about Pearl Harbor, and I'm so grateful for all the information and pictures, as I've looked for years to find such details and documentation. Shelia Britt has, too. My dad was 26 when the attack came and a pharmacist's mate, like your dad and Shelia's, Thomas Tippin. I tried to post a comment here last evening, but it didn't 'take', for some reason, so I'm trying again now.