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Monday, December 10, 2018

#52ancestors Post Fifty-One: The Second Anniversary of Mobile Hospital No. 2, Pearl Harbor - August 1943

The writing prompt for post fifty-one of #52ancestors is nice

Friday was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - 77 years since the bombing on December 7, 1941. My father was there at the Mobile Naval Hospital #2 and last week, I was contacted by two nice people sharing information about their fathers who also served in the Mobile Naval Hospital #2. 

I thought it would be nice to share a copy of a program celebrating the second anniversary of the Mobile Naval Hospital No. 2.  The names on this copy are very difficult to read. I have transcribed as many as possible in hopes that others looking for information about family members who served in the Mobile Hospital No. 2 may find this list. 

If you can fill in any of the blanks or correct any of my transcriptions, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or on my Facebook page. 

8-18-41                     8-18-43
Second Anniversary
Mobile Naval Hospital
NO 2

L.N. Hart, Captain, Commanding Officer
Paul E. Spangler, Commander, Executive Officer
Clarence W. Ward, Ensign, Commissary Officer

U. S. N.
Mobile Hospital
NO. 2
August 18, 1943

Fruit Cocktail
Stuffed Celery          Stuffed Olives
Rice Turkey Soup
Roast Young Tom Turkey
Giblet Gravy           Oyster Dressing
Baked Spiced Ham
Cranberry Sauce          Buttered Asparagus
Candied Sweet Potatoes          Creamed Peas
Pineapple               Cottage Cheese Salad
Hot Rolls
Homemade Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream
Apple Pie
Butter            Coffee

Captain Lynn N. Hart

Commander Paul E. Spangler

Lt. Comdr. Joseph B. Stevens
Lt. Comdr. Charles Gartenlaur
Lt. Comdr. William F. Holcomb
Lt. Comdr. John L. Barnett
Lt. Comdr. Joseph E. N______
Lt. Comdr. John P. Davis
Lt. Comdr. William F. Green
Lt. Comdr. Clarence W. T_____
Lt. Comdr. Lewis Rector
Lt. Comdr. Henry F. Page
Lieutenant Francis G. S_____, Jr. 

Lieutenant Frank J. __________
Lieutenant Barry O. C________
Lieutenant (jg) Oliver C. Simpson
(jg) Edwin Shoemaker
(jg) Harden J. Killiam
Ensign Clarence W. Ward
Ensign Ray W. Lewis
Pharmacist James R.  Ch________
Mechinist Charles C___________

Lieutenant Edward H. Vincent
Lieutenant E P. H_____________

Roster of Enlisted Personnel

Chief Petty Officers

                                                             Carter, William O.                                                             
Colt, Herbert W.
Howells, David H.
P_______, Thomas R.
S_________, Robert L.
Smith, Allen N.
Watkins, Roy G.
_________, Arthur
Santomernio, John A.
Pepper, Kenneth
Suszczynski, Stanley J.
Finley, Eugene
Ellison, Hollis
Rosenwinkel, Ralph N.
Moore, Millard
Moss, William

Petty Officer First Class
Anderson, Robert R.
Arnold, Keith R.
Baird, Elton R.
Barrett, Gus
Reedy, Vernon LeR.
Blazenski, Stanley J.
Boatright, James
Bragg, Charles
Brown, Robert
Brunner, Robert R.
Bryan, Whit C.
Chaplik, Peter
________, Robert I.
F_________, Jules
Funkhouser, David
Gibson, Billy
Gillmore, James D.
Hall, Max Edward
Henderson, George
________, Peter Paul
Johnson, Robert C.
Ler__ck, Norman G.
Olszewski, Eugene F.
Popps, Glenn L.
Rohre, Walter R.
Ross, William LaV.
Rossi, Paul J. Jr.
Sorensen, William H.
Sowles, George
Tippin, Thomas
Willi, John H.
Williams, Bernard,
Wr____ski, Joseph
Phoenix, John H.
Bollinger, William H.
Rachels, Casey
Black, Dwight
Ellis, George
Phillips, John
Warren, Joseph T. 

Artificers  3/C
Hayes, Thomas P.
Fuel___, Thomas M.
Tw_____, John Jr.
Sing, John C.
Li______, Edwin H. Jr.
Dill_______, Harry J.
Kr__s, Vernon
D_____sky, Pete
McKenna, William J.
Thompson, David W.
Cail, James R. Jr.
Myers, Lawrence E. 

Petty Officers Second Class

Arden, William T.
Arnold, Russell,
Atchley, Bob N.
Blanck, Vernon L.
Borges, Robert
Christopher, Wiley S.
C______, Calvin C.
Comrey, William H.
C______, Harold P.
C_______, John M.
D_______, Sam J.
Flock, William D.
Forst, Bernard
Gast, Carl
Gown, William A.
Gookin, Jay
H______, Daniel J.
Holloway, Jesse R.
Holt, Fred Jr.
Horton, Arthur S.
Hughes, Howard R.
King, Raymond L
L______, Robert C.
Laughlin, ______ K.
Lovell, John
Mantel, Vincent N.
McCarty, Curry W.
McLain, Wilfred D.
M_______, Ceril C.
Morris, Clarence
Mueller, Ario R.
Mullins, Luther C. Jr.
_______, David C.
Norton, Paul H.
O'Donnell, Jack
C______, Robert R.
__________, Ralph R.
__________, Harry S.
Blakely, Ted S.
Peters, Phillip J.
P______, Maurice M.
Prince, James T.
Quinn, James
Rice, James
R____sky, Mike
Rice, Earnest P.
Rid______, Burl
R_____, Ralph C.
Robertson, Robert F.
S_____, ______
S______, Fredrick M.
S_______, David
S________, Woodrow
T________, James J.
T______, Louis A.
V_______, Louie J.
W_____, Bernard
W____, Robert A.
W______, Edward
W______, Earnest
Wolf, Jay

Petty Officer Third Class
Black, James D.
Cowan, S. G., Jr.
Edwards, R. J.
Fallgren, J. R.
Fonti, J. A.
Houlahan, P. H.
K____y, H. J.
Kerr, F. L.
L______rran, J.
Lusk, D. F.
Mansfield, R. L.
Martin, E.
Martinez, L.
McBride, R. S.
Moe, W. R.
Moore, C.
Palmer, J. J.
Ralji, C. J.
Rollins, M.
Roth, C. J.
S_____, F. H.
Shiffer, M. G.
Smith, V. N.
Spence, C. A.
Thompson, T. C.
Turner, H. B.
Welch, C. _. R.
West, T. T.
Williams, A. R.
McKeever, J. E.

Artificers  Third Class
Applegate, J. C.
Beaman, R. L.
Batson, C. R.
Buda, A. S.
Knurr, L. J.
Lisincki, H. G.
K___nko, S. D.
Przyrylo, C. S.
Pass, J. J.
Griffin, W.
Beck, L.
Hansen, D. F.
Luce, I. L.
Zupan, A.
Goorey, R. F.

Non-Rated MenHAlc.
Fel_ck, R. A.
Brown, V.
C_sp_d_s, D. T.
Dougherty, J. P.
Ellsworth, J. M.
Fine, P. J.
Ficy, W.
F________, __
McGriffin, C.
Patterson, J. H.
Price, L. N.
Pr_eau, G.
P_____er, R. W.
Schreck__gast, H.
Synac, J. P.
Smith, F.
Smith, J. M.
Soll__, S. M.
Tidball, D. B.
Vanhook, C. R.
V_____, F
Volkman, B.
Walker, __
Westin, __
Wittsill, J. D.
Willden, C.
Wilson, E. A.
Witchey, D. R.
Wright, J. F.

Non-Rated MenHA2c.
Bolon, J. F.
Davison, C. D.
Dillon, H. L.
Duckworth, E. W.
Ewing, C. E.
Fritsch, W. J.
Grigliert, G. J.
Hazelton, J. E.
Heine, R. H.
Hermsen, J. D.
Hollfelder, J. P.
Jones, E. L.
Lyman, R. C.
Manfra, V. L.
Marino, J. A.
Mustola, T.
Rosenthal, W. H.
Thomas, R. E.
Trail, R. H.
Vaiha, J. V.
Wait, R. C.
Weidner, G. H.
Woods, R. C. 

Banda, I. E.
Barnes, S. T. Jr.
Bartholomew, B. B.
Beasley, G. E.
Bruen, K. W.
Dooley, W. P.
Hendricks, J. G.
Mannion, T. J.
Rawlins, J. B.
Ringgenberg, K. L.
Rose, A. S.
Sellhausen, H.
Snowgren, V. C.

Brown, W. M.
Conner, D. E.
Daily, C. D.
Dinger, W. J.
Gaunt, G. P.
Goodell, S. T.
Grillo, W.
Manlon, W. J.
Taylor, E. L.
Hayes, C. A.
Heaton, J. E.
Johns, R. E.
Ke_____, D. K.
Lovejoy, R. E.
Marusic, F.
Mazeau, D. T.
Mazzuca, R. F.
McComish, E. P.
Mesko, G. Jr.
Therrien, W. E.
Minthorn, C. E.
Moeller, J. L.
Monastesse, N. M.
Morris, V. L.
Nesbitt, J. H.
Morberg, J. J.
Ninnery, R. W.
Rawlins, E. D.
Reedy, T. A.
Rieser ,B. H.
Vota, J. H.

Messman Branch
Hatchett, Gust D.
Sasser, Vance A.
Loston, Hardy
Dagdagen, Alfonso, A.
Nolasco, Marcelino
Aguinaldo, Luis
Brooks, Henry T. Jr.

Plank Owners
August 18th, 1941   - - -   August 18th, 1943
Officers and enlisted personnel who were at the
commisioning  ceremony and
who are still attached to hospital staff.

Lt. Comdr. Charles Gartenlaup
Lt. Comdr. Joseph E. Nunes
Lt. Comdr. William F. Green
Lt. Comdr. Lewis Recter
Lt. Comdr. Henry F. Page
Lieutenant Francis G. Soul, Jr.
Lieut. (jg) Oliver C. Thompson
Pharmacist James R. Charless

Enlisted Personnel
Winton, Arthur,
Smith, Allen N.
Shriver, Robert L.
Berody, Thomas P.
Wrobleski, Joseph
Popps, Glenn L.
Blazenski, Stanlev J.
Brunner, Robert R. 

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© 2018 Sources Family photographs and documents from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn

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