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Sunday, May 13, 2018

#52ancestors Post Nineteen: Drucilla Rhodes - Learning about my 3rd Great-Grandmother on Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day!

I spent a little of today (and yesterday) learning about my 3rd great-grandmother, Drucilla Rhodes. We each have 16 third great-grandmothers and Drucilla is one of eight I am able to identify. 

I am a descendant of Drucilla from my mother's Giddens family, this is how Drucilla is connected to me. 

Drucilla Rhodes married Edmond Bradshaw
Luellen Bradshaw married George Giddens
Charles Giddens married Mary Lucy Glynn
My Grandmother
My Mother

I have seen Drucilla's name written as Drucilla, Drusilla, and Druzilla. And, have seen three different Drusilla Rhodes in the same area of North Carolina. The names may be the same, but the approxmate ages help to sort them into the correct families. 

The first, and oldest, Drucilla Rhodes found was probably born before or during the early 1770s. Merchant, James Rhodes purchased land from Lackey and Mary Phagin. A Drusilla Rhodes was a witness to this record on October 1, 1793. She could not possibly be the mother of my 2nd great-grandmother born in 1841.

The second, and youngest, Drusilla Rhodes** is seen in the 1850 census (Sampson County, NC) as the daughter of Ingram Rhodes and Sarah Cox. This Drusilla was born in 1828. She can't possibly be my 3rd great-grandmother as Drusilla Rhodes Bradshaw was also found in the 1850 census, in Sampson County, with my 2nd great-grandmother and four older children. 

The third Drusilla Rhodes found in records was probably born about 1805 in Wayne County, North Carolina. Her father was John Rhodes and her mother is said to be Mary Ingram. This Drusilla is my 3rd great-grandmother. 

Drusilla's father had a will dated April 20, 1808 and listed his wife, Mary, and nine children in his will.  The children were William, Tailor, Sarah, Bryan, Thomas, Ingraham, Drusilla, Moses and Mary. 

Drucilla married Edmond Bradshaw and had children Sophia, Nancy J., John R., Ephraim, Lewis, Mary, Sarah, and Luellen. Edmond died on February 10, 1845. 

In 1850, Drucilla Bradshaw was found in Sampson County, North Carolina. She lived with five children; Sophia (17), Lewis (13), Mary (11), Sarah (10), and Luelen (7). She owned her property and it had a value of about $800.

Some of Drucilla's property inventoried after her death. 

Drucilla died on May 10, 1858 and her estate records can be found at Thirteen pages detail her estate and the support for her minor daughter, Luellen Bradshaw (my 2nd great-grandmother). 

Much more will be written about Drucilla and her family - three of her children married into the Giddens family. 

**A note to my cousins with DNA at - There are many Public Member Trees at showing Drusilla Rhodes (born in 1828) as our 3rd great-grandmother AND, showing parents, Ingram Rhodes and Sarah Cox, as our 4th great-grandparents. These incorrect trees carryover to Ancestry DNA Circles making it look like fact. However, this is NOT true. Ingram Rhodes was the brother to our Drusilla Rhodes Bradshaw (born about 1805). 

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