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Sunday, March 18, 2018

#52ancestors Post Eleven: The Bryan Family Bible

The writing prompt for #52ancestors this week is lucky. I had plenty of ancestors who could be seen as lucky for a variety of reasons; however, I am the lucky one. So many other family members shared photos and research. My parents saved old family photos and both had some research to share with me. One item I was very lucky and happy to receive was the Bryan family bible. It contained names, dates, photos, newspaper clippings, and other mementos. 

A transcription of this bible is on my Rootsweb pages; however, all Rootsweb pages are down and when and if they will be back online is unknown. 

This Bible was originally owned by Terrell and Harriet Albritton Bryan, my great-grandparents. They were both born in Georgia but grew up in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. Terrell Bryan was the fifth child of Reddick and Elizabeth Span Regan Bryan, both from North Carolina.  Harriet Louisa Albritton was the daughter of Peter and Hollon Albritton, both from North Carolina. She was the youngest of six known children.

Terrell and Harriet had ten children. Seven were born in Bienville Parish, Louisiana and the three youngest were born in Erath County, Texas. Terrell and his family settled in Erath County in 1878. Terrell and Harriet are buried in the West End Cemetery in Stephenville, Texas. 

The bible was passed on to Redic Eli Bryan, son of Terrell and Harriet, and his wife Myrtie Hairston Bryan. Their youngest son (and my father), Whit Criswell Bryan, passed it on to me.  










Published by Zeigler, McCurdy, & Co.



Terrell Bryan & Harriett L. Albritton was married the 20th Feb. 1855

Redic Bryan & Myrtie Hairston was married Feb. 7, 1900, Stephenville Erath Co Texas


Terrell Bryan was borned the 17th November the year 1836

Harriet L. Albritton was borned the 15th August 1836

Joseph H. Bryan was borned the 18th Feb. 1857

Frances L. Bryan was borned the 13 Feb. 1859

Terrell L. Bryan was borned the 13th July 1861

Hollon S. Bryan was borned the 24th Aug. 1865

Alice A. Bryan was borned the 21st Novmbr 1867

Reddick E. Bryan was borned the 2nd Aug. 1870

Dollie E. H. Bryan was borned 17th of January A. D. 1873

Willie A. Bryan was borned 21st of August A. D. 1875

Laura L. Bryan was borned April 28th, 1878

James T. Bryan was borned Feb 2nd 1884

Myrtie Hairston borned July 9, 1880  


Father, Terrell Bryan died May 12, 1920, Bronte, Tx

Mother, Harriet L. Bryan, died Feb. 9, 1909

Frances L. Bryan died Dec. 24, 1894 Age yr35 mo10 da11

Mrs. H. S. Latta died Sept 1, 1906 age 41

Willie A. Bryan died Oct. 26, 1878 age y3 m2 d3

Laura L. Bryan Keith died July 18, 1908 age 30 years 2 months and 20 days

James T. Bryan died March 18, 1884 age six wk

Mother, E.S. Bryan died 12th of February A.D. 1877 age 78 years

Mama, Bryan Died May 3rd 1927. age 46 - 9 - 24 {this was Myrtie Bryan}


The following Bryan family information was written by Redic E. Bryan, son of Terrell Bryan:

Terrell L. Bryan Married J. D. Biggs

H. S. (Hollan) " " Lon Latta

Allie " " J. R. Hammett

Dollie " " T.S. Wylie

Laura " " Harve Keith

Redic " " Myrtie Hairston

Redic and Myrtie Children

Marie Borned June 21, 1901

DeRay " March 11, 1904

Hairston Buster Jan. 24, 1906

Willie Mae April 16, 1910  

Redic Bryan wrote the following about his grandfather’s family in Bienville Parish, Louisiana:

grandfather Bryan

Reddick Bryan


E. S. Bryan

James Bryan - no children

Baker Bryan - no children


John Reagan

Spann Reagan


J. B. Bryan

T. C. Bryan

Terrell Bryan

D. E. Bryan Davis Hammett

C. A. Bryan Watts Thomas

G. F. Bryan Pitman Wimberly - no children

These uncles and aunts all buried in Bienville. Louisiana 

<signed>R. E. Bryan

My mother Harriet Albritton was born Aug. 15, 1836, was married to Terrell Bryan Died Feb. 9, 1909  

This is family information written by Myrtie Hairston Bryan.   P. A. Hairston and L. W. Hairston were the parents of Myrtie Hairston Bryan. Myrtie Marie, Monte DeRay, Hairston Albritton, Willie May, and Redic Eliy Bryan Jr., were all children of Myrtie Hairston and Redic Eli Bryan.  The last two children born to Myrtie and Redic, R. E. and Whit Criswell, are not listed.

P. A. Hairston was borne July 12, 1853

L. W. Hairston was borne June 4, 1856

Myrtie Hairston was borne July 9, 1880

Baby Boy borne January 9, 1870 die 23

Myrtie Marie was borne June 21, 1901

Monte DeRay " " March 11, 1904 

Hairston Albritton January 24, 1906

Willie May born April 16, 1910

Redic Eliy Bryan Jr., born April 8, 1913

Criswell family information written by Lodema Walker Criswell Hairston (born 1856), mother of Myrtie Hairston Bryan. Lodema’s parents were William Moore and Mary Anne Evans Criswell.

W. M. Criswell was born May 4, 1822

Mary Ann Criswell was born June 9, 1829

E. H. Criswell was born July 10, 1848

W. H. Criswell was born June 27, 1849

N. J. Criswell was born Nov. 24, 1851

One girl born and died Nov. 16, 1863

S. A. Criswell born Nov. 1853

L. W. Criswell born June 4, 1856

J. C. Criswell born March 2, 1858

B.C. Criswell born March 26, 1860

C. A. Criswell born Dec. 28, 1861

T. L. Criswell born Jan. 18, 1864

F. C. Criswell born March 28, 1867

U. G. Criswell born July 25, 1869

M.C. Criswell born March 2, 1871

W. M. and M. A. Criswell was married Sept. 27, 1847

M. A. Criswell died May the 30, 1883

 W. M. Criswell died March the 7, 1881

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Family photographs and documents from the collection of  Diana Bryan Quinn

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