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Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday's Photo: Is This Really the Tillman Bryan Born in 1830?

This photo, a tintype, was found in Terrell and Harriet Albritton Bryan's bible. Under is written Tillman Bryan. It was assumed this was Tillman Capers Bryan, born in 1830 and brother of Terrell Bryan, my great-grandfather. He was the son of Reddick and Elizabeth Regan Bryan of Bienville Parish, Louisiana. 

A few years ago, when trying to identify three Confederate soldiers in a photo, I consulted Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective.  Along with the photo of the soldiers, I sent her many photos of Bryan family men for comparison. The above photo was one of them. 

Maureen did not believe this photo was Tillman, born in 1830. Clothing indicated this photo was taken in the 1870s. Tillman would have been in his 40s and in the late 1870s close to 50. The man above is much too young. Could this be a young man, possibly 16 or 17 years old? Tillman's son, also Tillman, was born in 1863. 

The below photos are those of the older Tillman (born in 1830) with his wife, Mildred Manning Prothro Bryan. Maureen Taylor noted he had a very long face and the young man in the photo above does not. 

The writing identifying this photo was that of Maggie Martin. Tillman was her grandfather's brother. They lived in the same community in Bienville Parish and Maggie, born in 1887, would have known Tillman as she was about 13 years old when he died. 

Cousin Julia was my first Internet contact in the genealogy world. She sent me Xerox copies of family photos and her family tree. This was 1999 and we still used paper. Here are two of her photos of the younger Tillman and the photo from the bible. I see enough similarities to believe my bible photo is Tillman Bryan, born in 1863. 

What do you think? 


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