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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday's Photo: Thanks to Facebook, a Confederate Soldier is Identified.

John Lawson Wimberly  1826 - 1888

I found this photo posted to the Facebook group, LIVING HISTORIES OF NORTH LOUISIANA FAMILIES. The owner graciously allowed me to share it on my blog.

John Lawson Wimberly looks  exactly like a soldier in this photo from the collection of Marguerite Cook Clark. 

Click here to read more about this photo. 

Enlarged on my computer, I could see the straps, collar, and other accessories in the same position on each photo. Even the hat and hairline match!  Not only could it be the same person, but it was probably taken on the same day. 

The soldier was identified on Facebook as John Lawson Wimberly of Bienville Parish, Louisiana and the same photo was one of three identified as John Lawson Wimberly in The Wimberly Family History compiled by Vera Wimberly. 

The photo on the left reminds me of Joseph Bryan (left). 
Marguerite Cook Clark was a great-granddaughter of Sarah Wimberly Bryan, sister of John Lawson Wimberly. It makes perfect sense that Marguerite would have had this photo. But, who are the others? 

The soldier standing could easily be Sarah's husband, Joseph Bryan. His nose and mouth are very similar and a wave appears in the same place in the beards of the men in both photos. A better copy of this photo would help with this comparison. The third man is not yet identified. 

Thank you to my third cousin three times removed, Marisa, for adding me to the LIVING HISTORIES OF NORTH LOUISIANA FAMILIES Facebook group and to Ken for allowing me to share the photo. 

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© 2016

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