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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's Photo: An Unknown Couple

Alice Amanda Bryan married
her cousin, John R. Regan
This photo belongs to one of my Bryan/Hammett cousins - a descendant of John and Alice Bryan Hammett. There are no markings on this photo and the only way to identify the subjects is to find someone with the same photo.

The man has a short, white collar and he doesn't appear to have on a tie. The woman has large, puffy sleeves and a bar pin. The clothing styles lead me to believe that the photo dates about 1890.  I am not an expert in this area so if you believe that I am incorrect about the date, please leave a comment below or contact me via email.

Elizabeth Regan Bryan left
much family in Robeson County,
North Carolina. 
It has always been assumed that at least one of the subjects is a Bryan or Hammett. But, it's not that simple. If the picture was passed down to Alice or John, it could be descendants from any number of families - Hammetts, Bryans, Albrittons, Regans and more. 

There is much documentation that shows these families sent letters and photographs to family members throughout the country. And, I am just assuming that the photo is that of family - I could be wrong.

Robert E. Hammett was from
St. Mary's County in Maryland
and corresponded with that family
while living in Natchitoches Parish.
John Hammett and Alice Bryan were first cousins. John was the son of Dorothy Bryan and Robert Hammett of Natchitoches Parish in Louisiana. Alice was the daughter of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton of Bienville Parish and later Erath County, Texas.  

Terrell and Dorothy Bryan were children of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan Bryan. Reddick of Martin County, NC and Elizabeth of Robeson County, NC also lived in Georgia before settling in Bienville Parish.
Why am I posting this unknown couple on my blog? You might have this photo in your family bible along with their names. OR, maybe find this post five years from now and have the identical photo - hopefully with names. Many of my family photos were identified this way.

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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn.

Family photographs from the collection of Judy McAlister. Used with permission.

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