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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday's Photo: Marguerite Cook Clark

Marguerite and her baby brother, Charles.

I copied many photos of Marguerite Cook Clark.
This was my favorite.

If you have been researching the Bryan family of Bienville Parish, Louisiana you may have seen the name Marguerite Cook Clark. Marguerite, a descendant of Joseph Bryan (a son of Reddick and Elizabeth Regan Bryan), researched this Bryan family in the 1970s and 1980s. To many she was the expert. She grew up with the Bryans in her small community and  had access to the family bibles, photos, documents, cemeteries, and family stories. 

Marguerite and her husband, Albert Clark
June 1985 - 50th Wedding Anniversary
Marguerite was serious about genealogy. She called it "the hunt." She spent hours writing letters and looking for information in libraries and the local courthouse. Her daughter, Palma, said that her mother would have loved computer access.  

Marguerite Cook Clark
1913 - 1989
My father wrote to Marguerite with his questions in 1977. I have copies of more than ten letters written to other Bryan and Regan descendants by Marguerite Cook Clark between 1975 and 1982. I was thrilled when given the opportunity to spend a day looking at her research this past April. The photos and files were fabulous. I have over 700 scans and photos from that day and still felt the need for another visit. 

Three weeks ago, I made another trip to Texas. This time with fellow genealogist and my second cousin once removed, Sharon. We spent the week researching and visiting Bryan family descendants. One full day was spent visiting Palma and looking Marguerite's photos and research. Palma has given me permission to share some of these finds. I begin, today, by posting a few of the many photos of Marguerite Cook Clark.


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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Marguerite Cook Clark. Accessed April 28, 2014 and September 14, 2014. Used with permission. 

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