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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday's Photo: Feather Girl

I've have had this picture, affectionately called Feather Girl, for about 15 years. Copies of her picture have been posted on several websites, my blog, and sent to countless Hairston, Criswell, and Bryan relatives with the hope of learning her identity. 

I took a copy of Feather Girl to the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree, in 2011, to show to Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective. Could this possibly be my grandmother? Maureen didn't think so, but did include Feather Girl in a webinar she produced for the members of the Southern California Genealogy Society. 

Despite being seen by hundreds of people, Feather Girl remained unnamed.  

Well, last month, I received a picture from my not so distant cousin, Jane, who asked, This is a pic of Laura Isabel Wylie . . . . . any chance Laura could be your "feather girl? Possibly, but it was hard to tell. HOWEVER, last week, Jane sent another picture of Laura Isabel Wylie wearing Feather Girl's dress and necklace. 

Laura Isabel Wylie was my father's first cousin. She was the daughter of Dorothy Elizabeth Harriett Bryan and Thomas Sumter Wylie. 

Laura was born in 1894. If she is a young teen, as the picture suggests, the Feather Girl photo was taken before 1910. 

These photos of Laura Isabel Wylie all point to her as my Feather Girl. 

Another photo identified! 


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Photograph of Laura Isabel Wylie (Feather Girl) from collection of Diana Bryan Quinn.

Photographs of Laura Isabel Wylie used with permission. From the collection of Jane F. Aebersold.

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