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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #7 Phillip A. Hairston

Phillip A. Hairston was born in Hinds County, Mississippi on May 17, 1852. 
He was the son of John L. Hairston. His mother has been named as Liza or Eliza. 

No Story Too Small

Phillip A. Hairston, my great-grandfather, was first found as an eight year old child on the 1860 census of Hinds County, Mississippi.  At the end of the Civil War, Phillip and his family moved to Falls County, Texas. It has been said that they stopped in Arkansas prior to coming to Texas. 

Phillip's obituary stated that he was in Falls County by age 14 - about 1866. In 1868, his father married Cynthia H. Moffitt on Sept. 21, 1868 in Falls County. His mother's fate is unknown. 

Phillip Hairston and most other members of the family cannot be found on the 1870 census; however, it was reported that the home of John L. Hairston was consumed by fire on April 2, 1870.

Phillip A. Hairston married Lodema Walker Criswell on January 3 in the early 1870s. Dates on several records conflict. The names and dates are so faded that they cannot be seen on the marriage certificate. A look at the marriage index might reveal the actual year

A baby boy was born to Phillip and Lodema on January 9, 1878 and
died later that month. He remained unnamed. This paper was found in the Bryan family Bible. 

In 1880, Phillip, Lodema, and extended family can be found in Falls County. Family living with or near Phillip included his father, his sisters - Mattie Chisum and Permelia Noah and their families,  a James or Jane Hairston, and Phillip's niece and nephew, John and Adeline Gilbert. 

Johnie Myrtlene "Myrtie" Hairston, daughter of Phillip and Lodema, was born on July 9, 1880. 

In September 1883, Phillip and Lodema sold 46 acres on Brushy Creek in Falls County. On December 1, 1883, Phillip and Lodema purchased 160 acres from Robert Thompson in Erath County, Texas. Robert was the brother of Phillip's soon to be brother-in-law, John Thompson. It is not known how Phillip and Lodema obtained the land sold in Falls County.  Many assume that Phillip's father, John L. Hairston, died and his land was sold by Phillip. There is no proof. Land records need to be looked at more closely in Falls County. Lodema's mother, Mary Ann Evans Criswell, died in 1883 and her father, William M. Criswell, in 1881; both in Falls County. I think that it is very likely that they received land and money from Lodema's mother. 

About 1890 - Phillip Hairston, Myrtie Hairston, and Lodema Hairston

R. E. Bryan and Miss Myrtie Hairston were united in the holy bonds of wedlock one day this week at the home of the bride’s parents. Miss Hairston is the only daughter of Mr. Phil Hairston of near Huckabay who is one of Erath’s best citizens and most prosperous and well to do farmers. Miss Hairston is bright, beautiful and attractive and commands the love and respect of all who know her. Mr. Bryan is the son of Esq. Terrell Bryan, is educated, robust and handsome and numbers his friends as legion. He has grown up in our mist and those who know him love him the most. The Appeal joins their host of friends in wishing them a long, happy and prosperous life.  The Erath Appeal, Vol. 2, No.29, Stephenville, Texas, Feb. 8, 1900

Myrtie Hairston married Redic Eli Bryan on February 7, 1900 at the home of her parents in the Bethel Community.  She and Redic moved to Comanche County where Redic tended a bar belonging to his brother-in-law. Phillip and Lodema remained in their Bethel home and were found living there with Phillip's sister, Sarah Jane Hairston on the 1900 U.S. Census. 

On all census records found, P.A., or Phillip, is listed as a farmer. I was told that he raised sheep and sold horses. It has been said that Redic first met Myrtie when he purchased her favorite horse from her father. 

On November 11, 1905, it was reported in the Stephenville Tribune that Reddick {Redic} Bryan and P.A. Hairston, who recently disposed of their property in Erath County, are nicely located on a fine piece of property they paid $20 per acre. They bought all the corn on the farm at 25 cents. They have already taken possession of their new homes. The Tribune neglected to say that this fine property was in Baylor County, Texas. 

Baylor County Banner, November 29, 1912

In November 1916, Phillip's farm, in the Levelview community, was for sale at $45.00 per acre. 

In 1917, Phillip and Lodema moved into a new home in Seymour. The first night in their home, the doctor had to be called due to a severe pain in Phillip Hairston's side. 

Phillip's sisters, Permelia Noah and Martha "Mattie" Thompson both visited Baylor County in September 1917. I am sure that they knew it would be the last time that they would spend with their brother. Phillip is pictured above with his sister, Permelia. 

Phillip and Lodema went to Mineral Wells where it was determined that Phillip had cancer of the kidney.

Phillip Hairston died on November 9, 1917.  He is buried in an unmarked
grave in the Woodsman of the World Cemetery in Baylor County, Texas/
Click here to see his obituary. 

To help those of you  following my Hairston family in the posts 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, I will include this family tree each week, adding each new ancestor as I post. 


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  1. Hello, Diana, my name is Sharon Clyburn and I am from NC, a descendant of one of the Hairstons (Peter the Immigrant) I found your blog with it's beautiful photographs and loads of information to be very intriguing. I was especially interested in learning about your Hairston Family and believe that they are descendants of Peter the Immigrant. My aunt Dorothy, looked very much like Myrtie Hairston, even her stance was the same. So I hope to learn more as I frequent your blog. I hope that we can keep in touch. Thank you.