Thank you for visiting my blog!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

I've Been Featured!

I thoroughly enjoy writing this blog; however, it is nice to be recognized.  A few weeks ago, Gini Webb contacted me about featuring this blog (and me) in her "May I Introduce To You" articles that she writes for Thomas MacEntee at Genealogy Bloggers.  

Let me tell you, for me, this is a big deal! This means that people other than obligatory family members are reading this blog!

Thank you for reading my blog. And, thanks to those of you who share your thoughts and comments.

Thank you to Gini for adding me to her "May I Introduce To You" articles. After you read the article about my blog (and me), check out Gini's great blog - Ginisology


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  1. Diana, great article in "Let Me Introduce to You. " I liked your comment, "As I write, I see the questions that need to be answered and stop to do the research." There are many times in my blog I have done that.

    I liked how you found your 2nd cousin once removed. It's nice to have someone in your family to work with. I believe Genealogy is sometimes as much about the living as the dead.

    I too love the search and putting the pieces together. The thrill of the hunt is very real for me.

    Regards, Grant

  2. Diana, thank you so much . . . I very much enjoyed featuring you and your wonderful blog so I want to say thanks to you for allowing us to feature you.