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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Dining Room Table and Other Genealogical Goals

Six days ago, I returned from my yearly genealogy trip with my cousin, Sharon. We attended the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree and after the conference flew to Salt Lake City to research at the Family History Library. 

Every time that I return from a research trip, I have new ideas and new places to look for family. However, after attending a conference I always have GOALS. 

Here are my post-conference goals:

Use Cyndi’s List.
Use Cyndi's List as a regular go-to when looking for an answer to a genealogical question. Cyndi Howells, creator and owner describes her list as “A comprehensive, categorized & cross-referenced list of links that point you to genealogical research sites online.”  I typically use goggle, but after Cyndi's session, A Guided Tour of Cyndi’s List 2.0, realized that I may save time by using Cyndi’s List.   

Learn more from my DNA. 
The Family History and DNA: Genetic Genetic Genealogy in 2013 Conference was fabulous! Well known experts talked about DNA and genealogy.  I want to learn more from my AncestryDNA results. My plans are to submit my AncestryDNA to FamilyTreeDNA and to learn to use third party tools.  A mtDNA test is also in my future. 

See more of the Library of Congress. 
The Library of Congress is an easy four hour drive from my home. And, I have family nearby. I have visited Library of Congress several times; however, have only looked at books.  In Dr. John Philip Colletta’s session, The Library of Congress: An Introduction and Overview, I learned that the LOC has 20 reading rooms and so much that can be used when looking for family. I plan to check out the newspaper collections next. 

Cite my sources.
Throughout the conference this was emphasized. I have always "connected" sources to my research, but those sources have not always been formally identified.  

Use the dining room table. 
For about 355 days a year, my dining room table is empty. Denise May Levenick’s session, Lessons from the Archive, was all about preserving family items. What to keep, what to throw away, AND how to sort. She started by explaining how to arrange items on the dining room table.  This weekend, my dining room table will be covered with my husband’s family’s photos!


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  1. Hi Diana! Thanks for the shout-out about my presentation at Jamboree. It was a great conference and you sure came a long way to join us. I look forward to a photo or two of your dining table filled with family treasures!

    1. It was a wonderful conference - my third time. Next year, however, Richmond is closer. Really enjoyed your presentation! Thanks so much.