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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's News: Tom Wylie in the Erath Appeal

Thomas Sumter Wylie was born in Mississippi and was married to Dorothy "Dollie" Elizabeth Harriet Bryan, daughter of Terrell Bryan and sister to my grandfather, Redic. According to his son, Milton Wylie, and, the following news items, the Wylie's left Erath County for Coke County in 1899. 

The clippings below were found last summer while reading old newspapers at the Center for American History in Austin Texas. 

I don't have a picture of Tom Wylie, but do have a web page devoted to old news items about Tom and his family.  Click here to see the page containing additional news items. 

July 28, 1898
After a very pleasant week's visit at the hospitable ranch of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wylie, Mrs. A. C. L. Hindsman and two daughters, returned home Monday, much improved in health.
King & Vincent are offering the Tom Wylie stock farm on Barton's Creek at a bargain.

August 25, 1898
Capt. Tom Wylie, the father of Wylieville, came down after the big rain Wednesday.  He is still rejoicing over the good work Commissioner Hamilton has done on the Gordon road.

October 6, 1898
A Stock Farm at a Bargain - We have for sale, cheap and on reasonable terms, in a body of in tracts of 60 to 160 acres, the Tom Wylie 1624 acre stock farm on Barton's Creek, 16 miles northwest from Stephenville and 10 miles from Thurber.  It is divided and fenced into six farms and pastures - rich valley and upland, fine grass, and plenty of timber and water. It can be divided into ten farms. We will sell in a body or to 6 to 10 farmers on the most reasonable terms, but must sell all at the same time. The village of Wylieville, with school, store, and post office, is on it, and it will become a railway town when the Stephenville and Thurber railroad is built. There is simply no better landed property in central Texas. Titles perfect, and no incumbrance. The only reason for selling is that the owner is too feeble to manage it. If you want a bargain, here is your chance. Call on or address King & Vincent, Stephenville, Texas.

January 12, 1899
Mrs. Tom Wylie is lying very ill at her home at Xray and her case is reported critical.

August 3, 1899
Col. Tom Wylie was in from his ranch at Wylieville this week and paid the Appeal a visit.

June 15, 1899
Bud Wylie, of X-Ray and nephew of Col. Tom Wylie, was in the city on business on Monday and paid for the Appeal with the remark: "It is the best local paper in Erath and I want the news." Mr. Wylie is one of those big-hearted, goodnatured, hardworking, sturdy farmers and stockmen in whom the whole of Texas delight, and shows his good judgement by taking the Appeal instead of paying $1 or $1.50 for some other paper containing less local news.  Try the Appeal at 50 cents per year.

July 20, 1899
Tom Wyly, of X Ray, was in town Tuesday. (note the spelling of Wylie)

March 30, 1899
Col. Tom Wylie, of X-Ray, was in the city yesterday and handed the Appeal some coin. The Col. is one of Erath's best and most substantial citizens and believes in progress and the upbuilding of Erath County.  He says the Appeal is the warm number and gives all the local news and he would not do without it.

August 24, 1899
That good Texan, Tom Wylie tells the Appeal that he expects soon to go to Coke County and engage in the cattle business. 


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