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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday's Photo: Kathleen Purcell

A few weeks ago, I posted photos of Julia Murray Moylan and her store in New Quay, County Clare, Ireland. One photo, Julia in her home, was sent to me by Julia's great-granddaughter. Along with that photo was the one above. Julia's great-granddaughter sent it to me in hopes I could identify it. I could not; however, Joyce Shee of County Clare identified the woman as Kathleen Purcell. 

Kathleen was the daughter of James P. Purcell and Kathleen Neylan. She lived with her family in a home her parents named Rhodesia House (also known as the New Quay House). Kathleen had one brother, James Andrew Purcell, who died in 1985. Kathleen married Patrick McNamara. Patrick died in 1980 and Kathleen died in 1996. 

Kathleen is not family, but I loved the room in her picture. Was this inside Rhodesia House? 

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Photos from Ireland came from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn.

Photograph of Kathleen Purcell from the collection of Jade Smithson. Used with permission. 

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