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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday's Photo: Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg and Another Family Story

This limestone capital building was completed in 1888. With it's Goddess of Liberty, the
Texas State Capitol Building is 14 feet taller  than the United States capitol building.
Click here to see and read more about the Texas capitol building. 

I had the opportunity to visit Austin, Texas in May and while visiting, spent a morning at the beautiful state capital building. Inside the rotunda, portraits of Texas governors line the walls of the first floor and spiral up all the way to the fourth floor where the portraits of the presidents of the Republic can be found. There I found the portrait of Governor James Stephen Hogg, governor of Texas from January 20, 1891 to January 15, 1895.

Dad once said we were related to Governor Hogg, but he didn't know the connection. In 2000, while reviewing the Hairston family research of Carl Forrest Greenway, I found a letter Mr. Greenway wrote, in 1963, to Miss Ima Hogg of Houston, Texas. Miss Hogg was the daughter of Governor James Stephen Hogg. She was a well educated philanthropist and community leader.

From the letter, written by Mr. Greenway, I could see it was in response to an inquiry from Miss Hogg. It appears she was trying to find a Hairston connection to her Hogg family. Mr. Greenway wasn't able to answer her question, but gave some possibilities. 

I have not connected my Hairston family to the Hogg family, but suspect there is a very distant connection. I seem to find some truth in most family stories. 

James Stephan Hogg

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