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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Other Reddick Bryans

My great-great-grandfather, Reddick Bryan. Born 1793 in North Carolina, he
lived in Georgia before moving to Bienville Parish, Louisiana in 1838.

He remained in Bienville Parish until his death in 1864.
This drawing is copied from an early photo of Reddick Bryan and was
found in the collection of Marguerite Cook Clark. The artist is unknown. 

There are two men from North Carolina who are often confused with my great-great-grandfather, Reddick Bryan, in online family trees. The title to my post is a little deceiving as these men weren't actually named Reddick Bryan. 

Redick O'Bryan was said to have come from Chatham County in North Carolina and by 1815, when married to Elizabeth Bourland, he was living in Hopkins County, Kentucky. His parents were said to be Thomas O'Bryan and Sylvania Frances Copeland. Both born about 1760 and said to be from Chatham County. Redick O'Bryan died and was buried in Hopkins County, Kentucky in 1879. 

Riddick Bryan of Northhampton County, North Carolina is sometimes seen as Reddick Bryan, but most documents indicate it was Riddick. He was born about 1810 and can be found living in Northampton County until his death sometime around 1888.  He married Charity Bryan in 1833 and Sarah Bryan in 1864. 

Although I cannot find any documents connecting these three men, it does not mean they were not connected. Very little can be found about my great-grandfather while he lived in North Carolina. From deed records, I know he lived in Martin County before moving to Georgia.  However, I have found no other information as many records were lost in two Martin County Courthouse fires prior to 1900.  

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