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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday's Photo: Mary Ann Quinn and Lawrence D. Meaney

William B. Meany
Catherine Keaney
Mary Ann Quinn
Lawrence D. Meaney

This photo of Mary Ann Quinn and husband, Lawrence D. Meaney, was passed on to me by their daughter, Mary Margaret Weber, in 2007. Mary Ann Quinn was a sister of my husband's grandfather. Today, the following marriage announcement was found at 

Mary Ann Quinn Meaney - marriage announcement
Marriage announcement found at

According to the announcement, they were married on a Wednesday in April of 1919. This would probably have been April 30, 1919 at St. Louis Bertrand's church in Louisville, Kentucky. I was told that Mary Ann and Lawrence were the couple on the right. Mary Weber thought the other man was a McTighe and the woman, Ms. Keaney. However, in the clipping, William B. Meaney and Catherine Keaney were the attendants. Mary Weber wrote that Catherine Keaney was a cousin and according to this marriage announcement, the reception was held at the home of the bride's cousin, Mayme Keaney. 

So, how were the Keaney's related to the Quinns? Do they have a connection to the Dwyer family? Mrs. Dwyer was listed as an Aunt on Mary Ann Quinn's ship record. Mrs. Dwyer lived in Indiana and paid for Mary Ann's passage. 

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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Mary Margaret Meaney Weber. 2007. Kentucky. Used with permission.

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