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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday's Photo: The Last Wieland Family Photos

DeRay Bryan, Unknown Man, Unknown Woman, Chris Wieland - Taken between 1930 and 1935

These are the last Wieland family photos that I will post. All of the Wieland family photos I have belonged to my Aunt DeRay Bryan. The Wieland's were not family. Dad said Chris Wieland was DeRay's boyfriend. 

I have a lot of photos of Chris Wieland posted here, photos from his funeral posted here, and a portrait of his parents posted here

There is nothing written on the back of the above photo, but I remember clearly Dad telling me that the couple in the middle was Chris Wieland's parents. That would be Frank and Mary Wieland. However, when enlarging the photo and comparing it to Chris Wieland's parents in the below photo that was taken about the same time, I can say that I don't believe it is the same couple.

Son Leonard, Mary & Frank  Wieland, Daughter Gertrude with son Johnny Chambers Jr.. Son Sylvester( Wes) Wieland. 20-Mar-1933 Oakland, CA.

Guy Wieland - Found at 
I have looked at the Wieland brothers' draft cards and all those I found appear to be of medium build except Guy Edward Wieland. Guy was described as tall and slender on his WWI draft registration and 6 feet tall on his WWII draft registration. Guy is the eldest Wieland brother, born five years before Chris Wieland. 

I believe that Guy and his wife are the most likely candidates, but need input from family. The photo of Guy on the left was published in a newspaper in 1960. Click here to see the article about his retirement. 

The photo below is the last Wieland photo to be posted - Aunt DeRay and Chris Wieland, taken on the same day as the photo at the top of this page. 

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