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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday's Photo: Another look at a Cemetery Photo

Carla, my third cousin 1x removed, wrote the following about this photo. 

I cannot tell for sure by any means, but the lady on the right sure looks like Mamie Allen Noah to me. O.E. And Mamie's oldest daughter, Gladys, had a daughter, Lucile Stroman, who was 6'1". If that's them, this pic would not have been taken at Phillip's funeral, since Lucile was born in 1923. You know the clothing of the period much better than I; could this picture have been taken circa 1940-ish? The funny thing is, I have a pair of Grandma Mamie's shoes, and they look just about identical to the ones the lady on the right is wearing. I'm sure they were quite common, so that could be coincidental.

DeRay Bryan (sitting)
Unknown Woman (standing)
Photo dated abt. 1936
I posted this cemetery photo in 2012 and assumed it was probably taken in Seymour, Texas where my Dad's family lived before the 1930s; the photos belonged to my aunts. However, there is no tower in a cemetery in Seymour. And, Carla is correct, the clothing styles appear to be 1940-ish. On the right is a photo of my Aunt, DeRay Bryan, dated abt. 1936. Her hat, coat, and shoes match the style of the taller woman in the cemetery photo. A browse through photos on a Google search showed similar styles in both the 1930s and 1940s. 

Mamie Allen Noah lived in Erath County. She was the wife of Oscar Edward Noah, my grandmother's first cousin. I hope Carla is correct and this is Mamie and Lucile. We need to compare photos of both women. 

AND, there are other questions. 

Is this cemetery in or near Erath County, Baylor County, or neither? 

Would Mamie have traveled a long distance to attend a funeral? 

Who took this photo? If it was one of the Bryan sisters, then it would probably have been a family funeral. 

Could it have been Buster Bryan's funeral in 1940? That would put the cemetery in Seymour. 

Does anyone recognize this bell tower? 

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