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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Census Sightings: Harry B. Bryan???

Brothers, Hairston "Buster" Bryan and my father,
Whit Criswell Bryan in the late 1920s

In the 1930 census, my father, Whit Criswell Bryan, was living with his three sisters in Borger, Texas; however, his brother, Hairston "Buster" Bryan is not with the family and for years, I was unable to find him.  

Last week, when writing about Buster and his wife, Wanda, in the 1940 census, I decided to search yet another time for Buster in 1930. According to a search at there were 356 male Bryans or Bryants born in Texas around 1906 and living in the United States in 1930.  Number 58 was the first that looked promising - Harry B. Bryan and the more that I read, the more that I knew it was Buster. 

"Harry" lived on Burnett Street in Wichita Falls, Texas - not far from Buster's hometown of Seymour.  He was a lodger in a home owned by a widow, Wanda Lawler, from Kentucky.  Also living in the house were Russel Dobbs, the G. C. Casey family, and another lodger, Carlena Mays, a cook. "Harry" was a drugstore clerk and like Buster, he was born in Texas in 1906, his mother was born in Texas, and his father was born in Louisiana.  

I don't know why his name is written as "Harry" instead of Hairston but, I know that this is Buster. Buster lived in Wichita Falls at the time of his father's death in August of 1929 and newspaper clippings about his father's death state that Buster worked at the Kemp-Kort Drug company in Wichita Falls. 


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  1. Very interesting, Diana. Where did you find this great picture?

  2. It was either one of Dad's or Jackie's pictures. I think that it might have been taken around the time that his mother died. I was guessing that he was six or seven years old.