Thank you for visiting my blog!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another, Changes to My Blog

Decided that the rain rather than the piled up 
laundry would be a better photo for this post J

I have spent the better part of the weekend playing with my blog. It rained today and I had a good excuse; however, there is no excuse for yesterday and I just noticed my laundry pile.

This all started when I decided to make some changes in order to attempt a more user friendly blog. This was a time consuming task as I always want to do what can’t be done.  However, in the search for tutorials, I found some really good blogs with some great ideas and advice.  So, thank you to the following blogs.
These were only a few of the many, many blogs that I looked at this weekend.  I spent so much time on the Internet and like genealogy (and Pinterest), one thing leads to another. In the process, I signed up with and played with iStockphoto, Photobucket and PicMonkey.

Now back to my blog . . . . 

My labels list is now titled Surnames In My Posts. Click on a surname to see all posts that contain that family name.  My posts can be found by location as well – just click on the tab for Irish Genealogy to see all the posts about my husband’s Irish family. I will add new categories as my posts continue. 
To make it easier for me to post consistently, I have decided to use some blogging prompts that I have seen on Geneabloggers and other genealogy blog sites.  I will use the following prompts.
  • Sunday’s Obituary – Each Sunday, a found obituary will be posted.   
  • Monday’s News – A news article about family or a location that I am researching will be posted on every Monday.
  • Friday’s Photo - On Fridays, I will post a mystery photo or one with family interest.   
This will make it easy to post regularly, but still allow me to post bigger genealogy projects as I have time.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that you enjoyed today’s ramblings. Watch for my post tonight as I will post an obituary from my Giddens family in North Carolina and tomorrow’s Monday’s News will be an article about my great-grandfather and escaped prisoners in Stephenville, Texas. 


© 2012, copyright Diana Quinn

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  1. I like the changes you have made - and thanks for the mention!