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Saturday, September 7, 2019

From the Files of Marguerite Cook Clark: Laura Frances Bryan Martin

Laura Frances Bryan, the first child of Joseph B. and Sarah Margaret was born on
November 22, 1846 in Bienville Parish. According to two family Bibles, she married Thomas Jefferson Martin on November 24, 1867; however, Louisiana Compiled Marriages at 
gives a date of January 4, 1869. 

Laura Frances Bryan Martin and her husband, Thomas 
Jefferson Martin, along with their youngest child and only 
daughter,  Mary Marguerite "Maggie" Martin. Maggie was 
the mother of  Marguerite Cook Clark. 
Photo taken about 1889.

Laura Frances Bryan Martin with Charley and Maggie.
Laura and Thomas had eight children. Maggie was the only
daughter. Sons were John Joseph, Thomas Reddick, Jesse
Pittman, James Bryan, Thomas Jefferson, William Walter,
and Charles Arthur. 

This transcription of a poem written by Laura F. Bryan Martin was probably typed by Marguerite Cook Clark. Was Laura writing about her children who were grown or the children who died young? She had three children of her own die young. Thomas Reddick Martin died in 1872 at age 1, Jesse Pittman Martin was about 6 years old when he died in 1978, and William Walter Martin was about two years old when he died in 1882. All three are buried in the Wimberly Cemetery.
In addition, two of Laura's siblings died before the age of five. William Walter Bryan died at four years of age and Lucy Elizabeth Bryan was three years old when she died.

On the back of the photo is a note written to Harriett Albritton Bryan, wife of Terrell Bryan (Laura's father's brother) living in Erath County, Texas. Was the note written on this photo and never sent OR was it sent and later returned to Laura's family by a descendant of Terrell and Harriet? 
Here is the transcription.

I thought I would get a good picture to send you but failed to get it taken. This one has been taken more than two years. I think it is a sorry picture but it is the best I can do now. I want you and uncle Terrel to send me your pictures I am very anxious for them. I send two more of my boys Tommy and Charley 
Your niece 
Laura F. Martin

Laura Frances Bryan Martin and her daughter, Maggie.
Date unknown.

Thomas Jefferson and Laura Frances Bryan Martin with granddaughter, Ethel.
In the back - Annie Cook Martin and James Bryan Martin (parents of Ethel), Charley
Martin, and Maggie Martin. Photo taken about 1906

Thomas and Laura at their home in Bienville Parish.
In 1929, Laura Frances Bryan Martin died of pneumonia as a result of
contracting influenza. Her husband had passed away in 1928.
They are both buried in the Wimberly Cemetery.

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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Marguerite Cook Clark. Accessed April 28, 2014, September 14, 2014, and November 9 to 11, 2016. Used with permission.

Wimberly, Vera. Wimberly Family History: Ancestors, Relatives, and Descendants of William Wimberly, Pioneer from Georgia to Louisiana, 1837. Houston, Tex.: D. Armstrong, 1979. Print. 

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