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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday's Photo: Marie and Friends

I titled this post "Marie and Friends" but really don't know if the women are friends or relatives. Is this in Seymour, Texas? Borger? Or, another place in Texas? Is this before or after 1920? 

My father's sister, Marie Bryan is the girl to the far left. If these girls are her cousins, maybe someone has a matching photo. 

Marie Bryan 1921
I thought that these girls could be classmates so looked at Marie's high school yearbook, the Jackrabbit, at Marie graduated from Seymour High School in 1921. There were eleven graduates in the class of 1921. Two young men, Adolph Wirz and Roscoe Caldwell, and the remaining were young women; Marie, Cecilia Cooper, Jo Lee Dickson, Lucille Gray, Lois McMurray, Lyddia Patterson, Laura Bess Rogers, Bill Smith, and Bernice Sanders.  Comparisons of the photos were inconclusive. 

This is one of many of my problematic photos. If you have suggestions or a similar photo, please contact me! 


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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn.

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