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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday's Photo: The Quinn Twins - Not on the 1930 Census

Twins, William Quinn III and Helen Quinn, were born on April 2, 1930. They were not recorded on the 1930 census so I just assumed that they were born after the date the census was recorded.

Inspection of the census record indicated that they were born on the exact date that the census was recorded. Now, I can assume that they were born after the time that the census was recorded. The time of birth was not recorded on the birth certificate.

The census record states that the Quinn family lived at 500 West 174th Street while William Quinn's birth certificate has an address of 500 West 74th Street. Pages of the census records before and after also show addresses on West 174th Street. The birth certificate address must be a transcription error.

This photo and one other can be found at the post
The Quinn-Murray Family in 1930

The above photo is of Susan Quinn and her twins. The older girl was identified by her sister, Kitty (Kathleen),  as Patsy (Patricia) Quinn. The identity of the younger child is not confirmed. Kitty did not believe that it was her.
500 W. 174th Street

512 135th Street
The location of the photo of Susan holding the twins is unknown, but doesn't appear to be the address of 500 West 174th Street. The location looks to be the same as the location the above photo of the twins taken at about the same time. Susan's clothing is different in both photos so the two photos were probably not taken on the same day.

I suspect that the photos were taken at a friend or family members home. By 1932, the family lived at 512 135th Street which also doesn't resemble the building in the above photos.  


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