Thank you for visiting my blog!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Identifying Baby Pictures

This picture was identified as DeRay Bryan by a family 
member who had the same picture. 

Old photographs of babies are not easy to identify.  I have several pictures of babies with no names. The only sure way to find out about the identities of these babies is to find family members with the same or similar pictures and hope that their picture has been labeled. Those baby pictures will never be identified if they remain in an album in my closet. So, below are the baby pictures that I would like to know more about. If you have similar or identical pictures, please contact me!!

The picture on the left is probably a Bryan family baby, maybe a grandchild of Terrell and Harriet Bryan. This was sent to me by a Hammett family member. However, this could be a Latta, Biggs, Hammett, Wylie, Keith, or Bryan family baby. 

It was taken in by Lenox of Stephenville, Texas. The date is unknown, but Lenox was taking pictures in Texas both in the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

This unknown baby on the right was found in the bible that once belonged to Terrell L. "Bunch" Bryan and James Biggs. "Bunch" was the daughter of Terrell and Harriet Bryan. 

This tintype came from Terrell and Harriet Bryan's family bible.  It is damaged and hard to view. The person holding the baby is not visible from the neck down. This tintype could be a Bryan family baby or one of the many babies in the extended Bryan family. One Criswell family member thought that it might be William E. Criswell, but I have no baby picture that matches. It could also be someone in my grandmothers Hairston family. 

The picture to the right and the picture below belonged to my husband's grandparents William J. Quinn and Susan Murray. No one has been able to identify these. If you are a Quinn or Murray with old family pictures, please look for these.


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