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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Irish Uprising: 1920

William Quinn served in the Kinvara Company IRA in 1920.  His commanding officers were Paddy Kilkelly and Thomas McInerney. His active service consisted of activities against the military and the Black and Tan. He was active with the company in drilling, burning of the Kinvara RIC Barricks, and burning of the Tyrone House* in Kilcolgan.  He took part in ambushes in Kinvara, Ardrahan, Ballindereen, and some in County Clare. William Quinn wrote that he participated in "various ambushes with no result. In Nov. 1920 was surrounded by Auxiliaries under command of Thomas McInerney. Was on the run for two months.”

Under absence from duty and cause, he wrote "None, except, through pressure from my sister. I left Ireland on Dec. 22 for USA."

This date of December 22, 1920 does not coincide with previous records found regarding William Quinn. The first record of his arrival in the United States was a ship manifest, for the S. S. Celtic, dated April 25, 1921. His naturalization record gives an arrival date of February 19, 1921; also on the S. S. Celtic.  However, his name is not listed on the February 19 manifest.

It has been said that William Quinn came to the United States under an assumed name. If he did indeed leave for the United States on December 22, 1920 or February 19, 1921, further investigation is warranted. Did he use a different name or arrive in a different port?  If so, he must have returned to Ireland for a short period as he was on the S. S. Celtic on April 25.

Michael Fahey stated that, in 1920, William left for Dublin.  He later spent time in Galway and then emigrated to the United States. William, himself, made the statement that he was on the run for two months.

Do any of his descendants know stories about his immigration to the United States? If so, please contact me (

*Information, from web sites, about the Tyrone House is conflicting in regard to the date of the actual burning.  However, the following article indicates that the house was burned August 9, 1920. 

Tyrone House Burned
Ancestral Home of the Famous St. Georges
Tyrone House, Ballindereen, about four miles from Kinvara, and five from Oranmore was burned to the ground on Monday. It was the ancestral home of the ancient family of St. Georges, and has been unoccupied for a number of years. It was one of the most palatial residences in County Galway. The magnificent ceilings in the different rooms were the work of famous Italian Masters. Early in the week it was rumoured it was to be occupied by Auxiliary.
                                                From The Connacht Tribune, Saturday, August 14, 1920.

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  1. Regarding the date of the burning of Tyrone House, if The Connacht Tribune article was published on Saturday, August 14, 1920, referring to the burning the previous Monday, wouldn't the house have been burnt on Monday, August 9, 1920 (not Thursday, August 12, 1920)?


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