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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Letters From the Past: Juanita Thompson Gleghorn October 18, 2000 - Part II

This is the second part of the letter that Juanita began on October 18th.

                                                                             Oct. 20, 00

Hairston Albritton"Buster" Bryan
Well, Diana the mail carrier didn’t have stamps so I’ll surely get this in the mail today.

It was about in 1927 that DeRay and Marie and Willa Mae moved to Borger I think. The beginning of the depression.  There was an oil boom on in Borger and DeRay probably got a better teaching job. In 1929 our youngest sister was burned, and died in three weeks. It was a very sad time for us, so we were renting the farm at that time. Our landlord built a new house on the south side of her place and let us move there, the first new house we ever lived in. Buster would drive out once in a while to get some lye soap to wash his beautiful, black curly hair in. He said it kept the dandruff down.  He was a handsome young man, and one of Terrell Hammett’s favors him. Terrell and Aunt Birtie had two girls close to our ages and two boys. Only two of them left now the youngest girl which is near my age and the youngest son.

As well as I remember, your grandmother and Redic had passed on. So Buster knew we were in a new house and he and Dad made some kind of trade I guess for Buster brought out some furniture to us, for we didn’t have anything pretty for our new house. He brought a white wooden bed and dresser, with carved baskets of flowers on the front of the dresser and the head and the foot of the bedstead, a solid oak library table, a little black ebony sewing rocker, and a solid oak secretary with three drawers below the fold out writing desk and shelves on the left with four shelves, and with a rounded glass door, not flat glass. Mother and Dad moved so much to different farms, that some of the trim was lost. It is still pretty and I have it, and promised it to my sister.  After Mother and Dad died they were living at Bowie, Tex. Close to my oldest sister, Lucille and she shipped all the hand painted china Buster had brought with the furniture to Borger to the girls, I loved seeing it in our dining room wall in a black rack. I got to see it once again when I visited the girls in Borger. There was a round solid oak dining table and some chairs. He had the rifle that your Grandfather took his life with, and our oldest Grandson has it. It always made me feel bad to see it. 

The side-by-side that once belonged to Myrtie in Juanita's home. Wouldn't my grandmother be amazed to know that it is stilling lovingly cared for and that her granddaughter located it more than 70 years after she passed away. 

After Buster left we never did see him or hear from him again. Maybe after he left my Dad and oldest brother farmed a piece of land east of Seymour one year that I remember, it was quite a few miles to go to farm for we lived west of Seymour. I was about 12 yrs. of age at that time and don’t know if Buster sold that piece of ground or not. The location was several miles up the highway north east of Seymour, and probably had been cut into by the highway for it was an odd shape. Probably the new highway cut the block of land into. I never did know anything about the land other than that. I do remember the different houses your Grandparents lived in in Seymour. As a small child I enjoyed going to their house and remember playing with Whit.  I admired the pretty hand painted china that Redic brought back from his trips away from home. It must have inspired me for after I quit teaching art to ladies and kids in the summer, I took some china painting lessons and joined a china club. I still have a kiln but have not painted china in a while.

I’ll send you some photos as soon as I can, for the camera I had went back to the store. It wasn’t what I wanted.

I must close and thanks again for sending records.

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