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Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

I Expected More From AncestryDNA

Last week, AncestryDNA  released the raw data to those who submitted the Autosomal DNA test.  Well, I downloaded my DNA, but didn’t know where to go from there, so I waited anxiously for the wonderfully, informative Judy Russell to add her regular Sunday DNA post to her blog, The Legal Genealogist.  I was certain that she would write about AncestryDNA and that I would learn what to do with this raw data.  Well, I was correct! Click to check out her post, The Raw Story at AncestryDNA

What I did learn was disappointing. Yes, I can download my raw DNA data, but AncestryDNA has no plans to add a chromosomal browser to its tools. This tool would allow us to see how we match other users. 

I honestly expected more from Ancestry. I purchased four tests and now have over 15,000 matches to look at. I don’t have a clue as to how most match. We are only comparing trees and I currently find more information by looking at’s  Public Member Trees. 

Yes, I will be able to upload the raw DNA to other DNA sites – some will charge fees.  I will be able to match users who upload to those sites; however, what about my 15,000 matches – will they also upload to other DNA sites? 

Judy wrote that AncestryDNA wants to keep things simple. Maybe they are trying to keep it simple, but there are those of us who want more tools and are willing to learn how to use them. 

As for me, I want more tests, but will look to companies that can promise more.

P. S.  –  Judy suggested that if you are an AncestryDNA user and want a chromosome browser tool. Go to your AncestryDNA home page and let them know by sending feedback.  I did!


Judy G. Russell, “The Raw Story at AncestryDNA,” The Legal Genealogist, posted 24 March 2013 ( : accessed 24 Mar 2013).

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  2. One year later and Ancestry just don't listen or apparently care. I have to keep trying to get people to upload their data to Gedmatch